Akashic Record Reading


       The loving healing energy of the Akashic Records is a profound tool for self-exploration and empowerment.
Access the wisdom of your own records keepers who can guide and provide you with insights, direction and more.
Readings are for anyone who wishes to gain a deep understanding for themselves their relationships, life events and purpose.
The Akashic Records are where your soul's journey information is held, some refer to them
metaphorically as a library of divine knowledge or your Book of Life. Previous lifetimes, current life lessons,
your purpose, health, relationships, career, finances, opportunities  and future options.
They are meant to assist you with whatever challenges you are facing. Literally bringing
"light" to the situation at hand.
When I access your record, you have a direct line to your Masters, Teachers and Loved ones
through me. Because the information comes from them directly it is always respectful,
compassionate and without judgement. You can ask anything you would like more clarity on.
The records of other people can not be accessed by you. If you come to me for a reading, only
the information within the context for your relationship with that person is available.
The same would apply for people that are deceased.
An Akashic Record consultation is very interactive and based on your questions.
Look at your life circumstances or recent events. Choose the areas where you need more clarity.
Notice the people in your life that offer you the greatest challenges or frustration. Ask how
you may look at your circumstances differently.
Here are some suggestions but let your questions come from your heart:
What can I do to deepen my relationships with my (partner, friend, child, parent)?
What actions/steps can I take to change ______?
What is the pain trying to show me?
How can I feel more fulfilled in my job? Is this the right career path for me?
What is my current purpose in this life?
What more do I need to know about ______?
What is my next step on my journey?
What is the significance of the key people in my life?


It is important to know a consultation is based on your questions, the more specific you
questions the more clear you answers will be.
Please have your questions ready prior to the reading. Putting thought into them before hand
will help you attain the answers you seek. Take time to consider what deepest truths would best
serve you to know at this time.
Keep in mind predictive information isn't available. A question like "When will I fall in love?"
is very vague and won't help you get the information you need. You could ask "What is stopping
me from finding true love?"
In general if you begin your question with What, How & Why these produce the answers with the 
greatest clarity. If you need some assistance framing a question I will help you.    
Have fun this is your opportunity to ask whatever you want :-)
I hold the highest ethics and personal information remains confidential.
Please avoid wearing perfume or cologne as my senses are heightened during a session.
A Reading is generally booked for 1 1/2 hours, see Rates & Services 

                                        I would be honoured to open your Records for you!
                                   Private Consultation available by appointment with Sara                                                                  
Certified: Akashic Records Consultant, Soul Healing,  Advanced Angel Guidance & Healing Practitioner,
Medium, Usui Reiki Practitioner, Rainbow Energy Healing, Crystal & Sound Healing
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