Angel Party
Host an Angel Reading Party

An Angel Party is a gathering you host from your home inviting friends who would like to receive guidance from their Angels.  Learn more about your connection to your Angels, Spirit Guides or Crystals as well as receive a private 20 minute reading/healing session each.

I will provide for you as a group with a opportunity to learn about Angels, how to do a Reading with Angel Cards or about Crystals, our connection to them and their healing abilities.

Each group is unique as we are all at different stages and are always learning from each other. This is your chance to ask questions, share and explore our connection to our Angels or Crystals. After sharing with each other you will have an opportunity to practise and play with them as a group or individually. During this time I will begin the one on one private readings, these will not be angel card readings.

You have Two Options for your Angel Party 

Option One: Angel Guidance, each individual chooses a couple of questions for their reading or you may have an area of your life you seek guidance with. I may be guided to open your Akashic Records providing insight from your Akashic Masters. These Angelic Readings always help us to move forward in a loving way.

With Option One: We will explore as a group our connection with our Angels, who some of them are, when to call on them and how to use the Angel Cards. Angel Cards may be available to purchase.

Option Two:  Crystal Reading, you will choose three crystals that you are attracted to, I then listen to the area of your life the crystal would like to address with you. The possibilities are endless; hope, career, love, friendship, finances, joy, health & life purpose are just a few. I then channel the loving guidance from the crystals that will help move you forward. These are amazing, loving and unique readings.

With Option Two: We will explore as a group our connection to crystals and why we are attracted to some more than others. As well as some of their healing abilities. You will be able to hold many different crystals with the option to take some home with you.


Booking your Angel Party

Whichever option you choose you will receive loving guidance, healing, a learning session and fun with friends ox

The fee is $40.00 per person. The Host is FREE  and will receive their  reading before the party begins. 

A separate private space is required with two chairs for the individual readings.

I request no alcohol is consumed before your reading.


A non-refundable $50 deposit is required to book an Angel Party you are hosting, this will be applied to the total amount of the event.

Angel Party fee: $40 per person  (6 - 8 guests)

This is a beautiful time to connect with our Angels & Guides it is an honour to help you with your journey

Certified: Akashic Records Consultant, Soul Healing,  Advanced Angel Guidance & Healing Practitioner,
Medium, Usui Reiki Practitioner, Rainbow Energy Healing, Crystal & Sound Healing
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