Rates & Services

I am intuitively guided as to which techniques will be used.
 All sessions begin with opening and channeling through your Akashic Records, this gives me access to your souls journey.
The Akashic Masters will guide me as to what needs to heal. Past life, perceived grievances or healing in this life.
Yours Angels and Guides will relay messages and answer any questions you may have.

Techniques that may assist us for healing are;
 Crystals, Mediumship, Sound Healing including; Drumming, 
Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls,
Reiki, Rainbow Energy Healing and Soul Healing
During all sessions you will receive messages and healing they are not separate.
It is slightly more to book a Full Healing table session

 90 minutes Reading & Healing session:                $130.00

 90 minutes Reading  & Healing table session     $144.00


140 minutes Reading & Healing table session     $180.00

                                                                         I will be posting contact information soon, I am settling into a new local. 
   Phone sessions or Distant Healings also available
                           Please allow additional time for settling into our session and sometimes more healing is required. There will be no extra cost.                                 


Certified: Akashic Records Consultant, Soul Healing,  Advanced Angel Guidance & Healing Practitioner,
Medium, Usui Reiki Practitioner, Rainbow Energy Healing, Crystal & Sound Healing
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